Competition Rules

Rule and Regulation use in Competitions

Competition Regulation will be using R&A rules along with each Golf Course rules.

Competition Approach

One day competition for 18 holes Stroke Play-Gross Score.
In case equal score will apply following approach for select the winner.

  • Play off for Class S, A, B and C
  • Count back from Hole 18th for Class D, E, and F

Using Rangefinder rule:

  • Golfer can use Rangefinder without any functions of slope, high, wind speed measurement and GPS distance.

Using Golf cart

Golfers classes who able to use golf cart throughout the competition.

  • Class C, D, E and F

*Remark parents can take a ride on golf cart with golfer.

Number of Golfer competitors

The competitors quota is not exceed more than 144 people.

Double Par Skipping

The Competitor whose earn score more than twice of PAR in each hole such as PAR5 earn 10 score will ask golfer to stop then skip to next hole by counting highest score at:

  • 10 score for PAR5 hole
  • 8 score for PAR4 hole
  • 6 score for PAR3 hole

To keep time in competition schedule also golfer will not too exhaust.